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I would love to introduce you to all these beautiful survivors. I'm creating this survivors page so you will be able to see the faces of survivors that have connected with me along the way, and that I'm proud to call friend. If you would like to reach out to me and submit a photo and brief description as a survivor of child sexual abuse, shunning or anything that is associated with this cult. I would love to see your picture here and hear from you. If there is anything I can do to help please reach out to me.




707SAFE Hat Winner

Tod Farber

I first became aware of Romy’s story through the A&E special where she was featured. Immediately I felt impelled to tell her how much her courage meant to me.

As one also raised in the Jehovah’s Witness Faith since childhood, I am quite familiar with the damages that such upbringing can lead to.

What 707 Safe means to me is: giving a voice to the voiceless. Those who feel alone know that they can overcome their trauma because they see the example of Romy: one who rose from the absolute darkness to become that voice, that example, that warrior.

It is truly a sight to behold.


Asset Manager

Sheila Palmer

Life is always found 10 steps behind which teaches you how to take your next 10!  Love....  find the LOVE!  I survived ....  just like Romy!   We are here to catch you when you fall!  Just always believe in Love!  We promise ...  Love never lets go!  God speed beautiful one! You are worth every breath I breathe!  We are right here!




Ok.  Thank you Romy for developing 707SAFE.  I am 57 now and left at 17 right after graduation.  The pain doesn't stop until you do the grieving work that ultimately led me to being able to forgive my parents.  They did wrong, but that has stopped defining me.   I learned to parent my daughters by remembering how my parents reacted to situations, and then I did the opposite.  I didn't know what was the right way to parent, but I certainly knew what they did was wrong.  Fill your lives with gratitude.  You can't have a negative reaction when you are so filled with gratitude.


Founder of

Trisha Franginha

Tricia Franginha is a Canadian born-in ex JW activist. Founder of which provides support services to ex JW's including sexual abuse survivors like herself, LGBTQ members of the ex JW community, and those experiencing trauma from shunning. The website includes a 24/7 crisis support line, support chat feature, and a vast media library. Tricia was also featured on the March 2018 documentary by W5: No Witnesses. Tricia first met SAFE's Romy Maple through fellow activists in the exploratory stages of the A&E special Romy was featured on. They have since remained strong supports for one another in their separate yet co-existing endevours.


Best Friends

Jax Raven and Andra

MY name is Jax and this is Andra. We have been best friends for 16+ years.  Both raised as Jehovah's Witnesses and faithful as such into our thirties.  But we both have suffered unimaginable amounts of ABUSE at the hands of those very same people claiming to be servants of the most high.  For so long we each thought that our cases were isolated.  But they were not.  Learning that these cycles of abuse sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are the fabric that makes up this organization!

While we were homeless many of these ones including Romy would pay for a night in a hotel so that we might have a shower and a bed and a locked door if even for one night.  People we never met but KNEW EXACTLY what we were going through!. 
If not for people like Romy I don't know if I would even believe in God anymore.  But I KNOW that there are still those to be SAVED.  We have work to DO!


Managing member of P3services Oregon

Chrissy Campbell

I am with 707SAFE to bring a voice to all those in the 707 (and beyond) who's pleas for help went on deaf ears, or ignored for the mandate of "two or more witnesses".  In what world is abuse (on women or on children) executed under the purview of "two or more witnesses"?  NEVER.  707SAFE gives those victims a voice otherwise held silent by an unrealistic policy based on misinterpretation of biblical principle.



Keith Neiderheide

I just wanted to say... i have been out of the jw organization  36 years... i was silent the whole time until about 4 months ago.  The things i thought i had dealt with, the molestation and physical abuse were actually still in the can i had sealed 36 years ago... now my friend Romy has the new program 707Safe... and she is willing to help me thru these horrible memories ...her 7 steps can help you also